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William Jackson “Composition”

$25 / #MRCD021

The most popular and ground-breaking compositions of William Jackson, harper, composer and founding member of the Scottish band Ossian, all together in one 4 disk package.

Over four hours of music inspired by the history and landscape of Scotland, featuring many of Scotland’s best known traditional musicians with Voice, Harp, Fiddle, Pipes, Flute and other instruments, in a unique combination with classical musicians. Click for CD notes.

Featuring all of the following:

The Wellpark Suite
St Mungo
A Scottish Island
Duan Albanach

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Traditional Scottish Music Book


The Ancient Harp of Scotland

$20 / #MRCD010

Gráinne Hambly & William Jackson

$20 / #MRCD020

Land of Light

$20 / #MRCD016

The New Harp

$20 / #MRCD019

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